Training Session on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights

Training Session on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights

30 October - 1 November 2013, Palermo, Italy.

The President of the Arab Center for International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Education (ACIHL), Dr. M. Mohammed Amin Al-Midani participated on Training Session on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights as formulated in international and regional conventions and charters, from 30 October to 1 November 2013, Palermo, Italy.

His presentations were: Introduction to the International Organizations as a tool for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights and Introduction to the International Human Rights Instruments and Mechanisms (UN) (Social, Economic and Cultural Rights.

“About 30 people from 13 countries gathered to Palermo, Italy, from 30 October to 1 November 2013 for a training on social, economic and cultural rights as formulated in international and regional conventions and charters. The training gave an opportunity for churches to meet and exchange expertise on the human rights situation from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea. In special focus were the difficult economic and social situations in Greece, Italy and Spain. Representatives from churches in Europe and from the All Africa Conference of Churches as well as panels of experts including NATO representatives gave their input. The aim was to promote the values that underline an open and pluralistic democratic society based on the respect and protection of human dignity, equality and freedom”.

Human Dignity and War: the Islamic Perspective

The protection of human life and respect for human dignity are the basis of the teachings of Muslim religion.

War, which threatens this life, and practices that interfere with this dignity, are forbidden by rules of Muslim Law or the Shari'a.

We will begin our report with a general presentation of the rules of Muslim Law or the Shari'a (I). Then, recalling the rules of this Law we will consider the categories of different countries in Muslim Law (II), looking in particular at rules forbidding interference with human dignity (III). Finally we will provide a practical example of respect for human dignity in action through articles from 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (IV).

Newsletter 2011 - 1

The Arab Charter on Human Rights 2004: A new system for regional protection of human rights?

Friday February 25th, 2011, the Arab Centre for International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights Education(ACIHL), with the support and collaboration of the Lyon Institute for Human Rights (IDHL), held a Round Table, presided by IDHL director, Andre Dizdarevic. The round table theme was: The Arab Charter on Human rights 2004: A New System for Regional Protection of Human Rights?

Newsletter 2010 - 3

On the occasion of the International day for freedom of press, 3rd of May, our President, Dr. Mohammed Amin Al Midani held a conference about Freedom of press and Human Rights during a regional seminar under the patronage of Unesco, Al Jazzira channel and the Kuwaiti Association of essential basis of Human Rights, at Kuwait City on May 3-4 2010.

Religion and the law in Syria

par Razi A. Diab Esq
There is a common denominator between law and religion: The idea of a norm. Religion defined as an obligation ensuing from a contract with God, is the group of norms which govern the relationship between mankind and God. Law is the set of rules which govern the relationship between the people. The study of the relationship between law and religion could be done by the scholar from different angles, probably the most interesting for a jurists, is to study to what extent does religion influence the law and whether religion form a source of the law.

Newsletter 2010 - 2

As part of our fruitful collaboration between our Arab Centre (ACIHL) and the Institute of Human Rights of Lyon (IDHL), Dr. Al-Midani held a conference on January the 15th at the Catholic University of Lyon on the following subject: "Introduction to Islam and Human Rights".

Newsletter 2010 - 1

Best wishes to all of you. A new year is coming for the Centre; we hope so, full of projects and successful outcomes

Arab Charter on Human Rights 2004 translation

You can find here aaaa Amin Al-Midani's article (PDF, 79.90 KB) about the Arab Charter on Human Rights 2004 and the translation of this Charter published in the Boston University International Law Journal, Volume 24, Fall 2006, Number 2, pp. 147-164.

Presentation of The Islamic International Court of Justice

by Mohammed Amin Al-Midani, president of ACIHL
The majority of International Organizations function with their own courts of justice. When the 3rd Conference of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Islamic States adopted the Charter of the Islamic Conference Organization (I.C.O) in 1972, however, a judiciary court was not incorporated. The Islamic International Court of Justice was in fact not created until the 5th Islamic Summit of 1987. The Summit amended the Charter of the I.C.O. at that time, incorporating and defining the missions of the Court.

Quarterly letter of the President - N° 2, June 2005

The development of the activities of the Arab Center for Education on International humanitarian law and the Human Rights (ACIHL) in the last few years required the creation of an antenna in Strasbourg, sits of the Organization the Council of Europe, the European Court of the humans right and of the European Parliament, legislative body of the European Union.

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