Newsletter 2010 - 3

On the occasion of the International day for freedom of press, 3rd of May, our President, Dr. Mohammed Amin Al Midani held a conference about Freedom of press and Human Rights during a regional seminar under the patronage of Unesco, Al Jazzira channel and the Kuwaiti Association of essential basis of Human Rights, at Kuwait City on May 3-4 2010.

During a meeting of board members of our Centre in Doha, Qatar, on May 30, 2010, it was decided to open a desk in Beirut to coordinate and organize our activities through Arab World.

President of the Centre Dr. Al Midani, executive director Dr. Boudjellal Bettahar, both member of board directors Mr. Mohammed Meklafi and Mr. Salam Kawakibi all participated to a seminar on Pacific resolution of conflicts and democratic transition, organized in Doha on the 29-30 of May 2010, by the Arab Foundation for Democracy and the Arab Human Rights Commission of Qatar. They also took part to a seminar on The role of NGOs in democratic transition organized in Doha by the Arab Foundation for Democracy on the 31st of May and 1st of June 2010.

The second edition of the book of Dr. Al Midani entitled: Human Rights Islam was published jointly by Orient-Occident Association, ACIHL and Strasbourg University.

Also available on the ACIHL website, you can find an important article of our board member Mr. Razi Diab, entitled Religion and the Law in Syria

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